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Extra wide and tall bays with 10 Options!

Our coin box accepts Loonies, Toonies, Quarters and Tokens ($1 & $5), along with VIP and Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard & American Express).

Instruction to Use Credit and VIP Cards:

1- Swipe Card as indicated

2- Wait for Card Authorization

3- Make wash option selection and Start Washing

4- Press 'Stop' button when finished (maximum $12, if exceeded swipe again)

Display will indicate total amount charged to the second with $3 minimum.


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Bug Off (Summer Months)

Fast acting, citrus base bug remover quickly penetrates and liquefies bugs and other insects that are normally encountered on windshields and grills. Product rinses easily and freely. Safe for all painted surfaces.

Instructions: Select Bug Off option (low pressure)Apply directly to areas with bug residue.  Leave on for 30 seconds, blast off with high pressure soap or rinse.  Consider applying the Clear-Coat Protectant with TEFLON option to help prevent bug remains from sticking on paint and damaging the clear-coat.

Salt Remover (Winter Months)  Cleans/protects your vehicles surface from the corrosive effects of salt





Tire Cleaner

A very concentrated tire and wheel cleaner. Fantastic product on wheels and rims. Quickly cuts grease stains and brake dust. Contains no acids. Emerald green color and Spearmint scented.

Select Tire Cleaner Option (low Pressure) Apply directly to a dry wheel, three inches away for best results.







Fast acting, quickly removes road film, grease & grime from the vehicle surface.  Product rinses easily and freely. Safe for all painted surfaces. 


Select Pre-Soak option (low pressure) and apply to car from bottom to top.





High Pressure Soap

Excellent foaming, cleaning soap with Fresh & Clean Scent.  Safe for all painted surfaces


Select Soap option (high pressure) and apply to car from top to bottom.







Foam Brush

High foaming soap with great lubrication. Bubble Gum scented.


Select Foam-Brush option and apply to car from top down.  Rinse brush before use.




High Pressure Rinse

Softened high pressure water to quickly rinse off excess soap, follow with wax and RainX.


Select Rinse option and apply from top down.




Gloss Wax

Highest quality wax, Lemon Scented.


Select WAX option (High pressure) and apply to car from top down





RainX Total Surface Protectant

For years, the Rain-X brand has been the first name in glass treatment for better visibility while driving. This advanced water repelling technology, the industry's first complete surface protectant that treats the vehicle’s glass, paint, trim and chrome! 


Select RainX (low pressure) and apply to entire car from top to bottom (great on windows).

Rinse excess off with Spot-Free Rinse





Spot Free Final Rinse

Spots are created when water evaporates and leaves behind the minerals that are naturally present in water.  Local water supply has on average 200 parts/million of dissolved mineral solids, such as sodium, calcium and magnesium.  At Wally Wash, we utilize the Reverse Osmosis process to completely remove all solids to produce pure water that will evaporate without leaving any minerals behind for a spot free finish!


Select Spot-Free Rinse option (medium pressure) and apply from top down.  Don't forget the mirrors!




Air-Shammee Blow Dry Option

180 MPH warm air blow dryer from a easy to use high velocity gun!  Gets water off where a Shammee cannot!

Great way to dry out door locks & jams, wipers, mirrors, etc., especially during the winter!


Select Air-Dry option and blow dry from the top down!





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